Open Air Screenings of Themba: A Boy Called Hope

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Themba A boy called Hope is to journey across the nine provinces of South Africa. Not only will community members have a chance to enjoy an entertaining and uplifting feature film, they will also have a chance to discuss the issues raised in Themba such as HIV and Poverty and workshop those that are shared by their particular community.

DO Productions has joined forces with NGO’s such as Gold Peer Education, National Welfare Social Service & Development Forum, GCAP SA (Global Call to Action Against Poverty), and Score, who already work intensively in the communities where Themba will be screened. Themba will be integrated into their existing NGO programs and also toured throughout South Africa.

Cinema for Peace who recently awarded Themba the Honorary Award 2011 (which is bestowed on a film or a person for outstanding commitment and dedication to peace building and human rights) is supporting this initiative by raising funds abroad in the hope that Themba reaches as many people in as many communities as is possible.

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